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DARK SHADOWS BLOOPERS AND TREASURES (2 hours and 30 minutes) released in 2006 by MPI is the DVD version of the VHS DARK SHADOWS tapes DARK SHADOWS BLOOPERS (1993 - 45 minutes) and DARK SHADOWS MUSIC VIDEOS (1991 - 40 minutes) with extra rare material such as Jonathan Frid on games shows during the run of DARK SHADOWS such as Generation GAP and What‘s My Line, Jerry Lacy in Comedy Tonight, SPOOFING DARK SHADOWS, DARK SHADOWS HORROR HEAD PILLOW ad and three blooper promos from Frid, Parker and Scott. Lara Parker also takes you on a tour in a segment called DARK SHADOWS IN SALEM. The cover is reused from the DARK SHADOWS VHS called Video Scrapbook.


DARK SHADOWS:THE VAMPIRE CURSE released from MPI on Sept 15,2009.
This DVD is an edited edition of episodes from the 1795 storyline. If you have the unedited VHS or DVD’s this is hardly worth the money. Bonus material is the complete episode #221 in which Maggie Evans meets Barnabas Collins at the Collinsport Inn restaurant. The program originally aired 5/2/1967 written by Ron Sproat directed by John Sedwick, a PBS promo from Kathryn Leigh Scott and an interview with Jonathan Frid. (210 minutes)

DARK SHADOWS: THE HAUNTIING OF COLLINWOOD also released from MPI on Sept 15,2009. As with the Vampire Curse this DVD is also an edited edition of episodes from the 1969 episodes featuring the ghost of Quentin Collins haunting Collinwood. Bonus material is the complete episode #836 written by Gordon Russell, Directed by Lela Swift inwhich The ghost of Beth explains to Julia how Quentin died in 1897. The program originally aired 9/8/1969. A PBS promo from David Selby and an interview with him as well. (210 minutes)

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The Official Dark Shadows News Updates Yahoo Group
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Number 203. September 11, 2009.

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Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,

ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following breaking news in this Online News Update "bulletin."


---- PASSING OF WAYNE TIPPIT (1991 Dr. Hiram Fisher)


--- MATT CZUCHRY (WB Willie) STARS IN "The Good Wife"

--- BLAIR BROWN (WB Pilot Elizabeth) IN DVD RELEASE OF "Fringe" – Season 1


Dan Curtis productions asks SG to premiere-announce that Hermes Press will reprint "the complete classic Gold Key Comics' "based on the legendary supernatural suspense" TV program "in a series of 5 hard-cover volumes" of coffee-table books.

Hermes press release: DS "still garners serious attention as one of the most memorable TV shows of the last 40 years," and the anticipated new film adds to its popularity. "The time seems perfect to reprint the full run of 35 Gold Key comics...first published from 1968-1976." They will be "completely digitally restored" and "present the work of Silver Age comic book artists such as Donald Areneson and Arnold Drake." .Artist Joe Certa "was responsible for the artwork on the complete run of the DS series." Additionally, each volume expects to feature "poster art, pin-ups, and documentary material," plus "essays about the history of DS as well as other aspects of the show."

"Volume One will be available in March, 2010."

*** WAYNE TIPPIT (1991 DS Dr. Hiram Fisher)

SG sadly reports he passed away 8-28 at age 76 in Los Angeles after a long illness. He portrayed "Palmer Woodward" on the series "Melrose Place" and was in many TV, film, and stage roles. His surviving wife, daughters, and grandchildren indicate that those who wish to may remember him by supporting the Lung Transplant Program in the Women's Guild Lung Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 8700 Beverly Blvd., Suite 6732, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

The next SG #117 print issue will honor his memory with information and pictures.


SG congratulates Marley and her husband, producer Beau Flynn: Their first child, daughter West, was born 9-6 in Los Angeles.

SG #115-#116 print issue detailed Marley's starring role as FBI Special Agent "Rachel Young": in the CBS drama "Eleventh Hour." The issue featured excerpts from media publicity materials, interviews, and reviews.


SG #115-#116 reported he co-stars as "Cory" in the new CBS series :The Good Wife," debuting 9-22. He's an ambitious lawyer trying to work his way up the ladder in a major law firm when the wife of a disgraced politician joins the group. :

*** BLAIR BROWN (2004 WB Pilot Elizabeth) in "Fringe" DVD Release

SG #115-#116 highlighted her role as "Nina Sharp" in "Fringe," Fox's hit new series from last year that realistically explores the fine line between science fact and – fiction? Perhaps.... The new season begins 9-17. The DVD release of Season 1 came out 9-8.

All fans are asked to please share any media references to "Fringe," "The Good Wife," and the comic book collection: articles, publicity, reviews, interviews, etc. Send all materials to SG's postal- or e- mail addresses below.


Please send SG your photos and reports from the 8-14/16 DS Festival convention in Elizabeth (Newark), NJ. You can send hard copy photographs or send images as jpegs at high resolution. Every picture captures a unique moment and each person has an individual experience. In this way, fans who cannot be there with us can share in the weekend fun. Please also send – at any time – articles, reviews, publicity, or other material you may find about the new DS film, the DS personnel, and DS-related news. Use the SG addresses below.

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