Saturday, June 4, 2011

MONIQUE from 1997 at ANTHONY'S

photo from the GO GO magazine. Another FAVORITE SEXY MONIQUE!
Sexy Chasity, a dancer that I new from the CRICKET LOUNGE way back in 1995, she asked me if I remembered her one night when I first saw here at the bar. I said that I did not, seems that we went to CCAC and had a few classes together! Photo from the GO GO MAGAZINE!

CHRISTINE YOUNG A naughty but nice CHICK!

Dan And Lisa 1993

A photo is of myself ironcitydan and bartender/stripper LISA from 1993 @ ANTHONY'S STRIP CLUB (bar no longer in business) Lisa was a only a bartender for years and gave dancing a chance. I would get a call from her every time she would be dancing so I could go by and see her. FUN TIMES!!!! NOTE my DARK SHADOWS tee shirt.

THE STRIP CLUB - The Cricket

I am heading to the CRICKET tonight for some relaxation and FUN!
Cricket ad from The GO GO MAGAZINE May 2011 issue. to contact The GO GO magazine e mail @ 
to Visit THE CRICKET here in Pittsburgh, PA. at 280 Moreweood Ave.  or by web -
My CRICKET LOUNGE tee shirt from back in the 1990's.