Thursday, November 25, 2010

YouTube - Disney's A Christmas Carol Movie Trailer

YouTube - Disney's A Christmas Carol Movie Trailer

Thanksgivinng and A CHRISTMAS CAROL

This is the time of the year that NOT only do I PIG OUT I normally start searching for versions AUDIO and FILMED versions of Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL to watch. My favorite HOLIDAY themed ENTERTAINMENT!  Here from Wikipedia is a listing of versions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL -- ADAPTIONS   Click on adaptions to view.

Watching the PARADES and COOKING with Kimba the CAT

Well it is Thanksgiving and my cat Kimba and myself are watching the PARADES on TV, (well Kimba she is just wacthing me watch the parades, I am finishing the cooking....YES KIMBA will eat well too!!!!! Anyway, gave her some milk, and some TUNA (her first course) MY FIRST  course ---APPLE JUICE, DEVILED EGGS (YUMMY) and Homemade Lasagna, Everything SMELLS GREAT!!!

Thanksgiving RAIN 2010

I SLEPT IN TODAY! WOW! got up at 6:55AM instead of 4AM, MADE Cinnamon coffee, Played on Internet, Hugged KIMBA the CAT, got showered, and now more FACEBOOK and CARTOONS on the TV in the background as I shrug off the sleep...Staying home all DAY today this rainy THANKSGIVING, here in BLOOMFIELD, PA. Got alot of my prep for THANKSGIVING YUMMIES done last night and on to the MAJOR items in a few, Gonna watch the PARADES from my LIVING ROOM....