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While I went off to STARBUCKS this Morn to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my Cousin Joe and the STARBUCKS employees I snapped the digital Pix....


After two months in a Swiss jail, Roman Polanski prepared Thursday for the splendid captivity of his $1.6 million chalet in one of world's most luxurious winter resorts.

Polanski will have views of snowcapped Alpine peaks, spacious rooms and the all the amenities of a town with a reputation for catering to the wishes of the rich and famous.

But he won't be able to go out the front door.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


DARK SHADOWS BLOOPERS AND TREASURES (2 hours and 30 minutes) released in 2006 by MPI is the DVD version of the VHS DARK SHADOWS tapes DARK SHADOWS BLOOPERS (1993 - 45 minutes) and DARK SHADOWS MUSIC VIDEOS (1991 - 40 minutes) with extra rare material such as Jonathan Frid on games shows during the run of DARK SHADOWS such as Generation GAP and What‘s My Line, Jerry Lacy in Comedy Tonight, SPOOFING DARK SHADOWS, DARK SHADOWS HORROR HEAD PILLOW ad and three blooper promos from Frid, Parker and Scott. Lara Parker also takes you on a tour in a segment called DARK SHADOWS IN SALEM. The cover is reused from the DARK SHADOWS VHS called Video Scrapbook.


DARK SHADOWS:THE VAMPIRE CURSE released from MPI on Sept 15,2009.
This DVD is an edited edition of episodes from the 1795 storyline. If you have the unedited VHS or DVD’s this is hardly worth the money. Bonus material is the complete episode #221 in which Maggie Evans meets Barnabas Collins at the Collinsport Inn restaurant. The program originally aired 5/2/1967 written by Ron Sproat directed by John Sedwick, a PBS promo from Kathryn Leigh Scott and an interview with Jonathan Frid. (210 minutes)

DARK SHADOWS: THE HAUNTIING OF COLLINWOOD also released from MPI on Sept 15,2009. As with the Vampire Curse this DVD is also an edited edition of episodes from the 1969 episodes featuring the ghost of Quentin Collins haunting Collinwood. Bonus material is the complete episode #836 written by Gordon Russell, Directed by Lela Swift inwhich The ghost of Beth explains to Julia how Quentin died in 1897. The program originally aired 9/8/1969. A PBS promo from David Selby and an interview with him as well. (210 minutes)

Friday, September 11, 2009


The Official Dark Shadows News Updates Yahoo Group
Marcy Robin's Cyberspace "Dark Shadows" News Updates

An Official Internet Publication of SHADOWGRAM –
The Official "Dark Shadows" Published Newsletters

< ShadowGram@aol. com >

Number 203. September 11, 2009.

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Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,

ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following breaking news in this Online News Update "bulletin."


---- PASSING OF WAYNE TIPPIT (1991 Dr. Hiram Fisher)


--- MATT CZUCHRY (WB Willie) STARS IN "The Good Wife"

--- BLAIR BROWN (WB Pilot Elizabeth) IN DVD RELEASE OF "Fringe" – Season 1


Dan Curtis productions asks SG to premiere-announce that Hermes Press will reprint "the complete classic Gold Key Comics' "based on the legendary supernatural suspense" TV program "in a series of 5 hard-cover volumes" of coffee-table books.

Hermes press release: DS "still garners serious attention as one of the most memorable TV shows of the last 40 years," and the anticipated new film adds to its popularity. "The time seems perfect to reprint the full run of 35 Gold Key comics...first published from 1968-1976." They will be "completely digitally restored" and "present the work of Silver Age comic book artists such as Donald Areneson and Arnold Drake." .Artist Joe Certa "was responsible for the artwork on the complete run of the DS series." Additionally, each volume expects to feature "poster art, pin-ups, and documentary material," plus "essays about the history of DS as well as other aspects of the show."

"Volume One will be available in March, 2010."

*** WAYNE TIPPIT (1991 DS Dr. Hiram Fisher)

SG sadly reports he passed away 8-28 at age 76 in Los Angeles after a long illness. He portrayed "Palmer Woodward" on the series "Melrose Place" and was in many TV, film, and stage roles. His surviving wife, daughters, and grandchildren indicate that those who wish to may remember him by supporting the Lung Transplant Program in the Women's Guild Lung Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 8700 Beverly Blvd., Suite 6732, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

The next SG #117 print issue will honor his memory with information and pictures.


SG congratulates Marley and her husband, producer Beau Flynn: Their first child, daughter West, was born 9-6 in Los Angeles.

SG #115-#116 print issue detailed Marley's starring role as FBI Special Agent "Rachel Young": in the CBS drama "Eleventh Hour." The issue featured excerpts from media publicity materials, interviews, and reviews.


SG #115-#116 reported he co-stars as "Cory" in the new CBS series :The Good Wife," debuting 9-22. He's an ambitious lawyer trying to work his way up the ladder in a major law firm when the wife of a disgraced politician joins the group. :

*** BLAIR BROWN (2004 WB Pilot Elizabeth) in "Fringe" DVD Release

SG #115-#116 highlighted her role as "Nina Sharp" in "Fringe," Fox's hit new series from last year that realistically explores the fine line between science fact and – fiction? Perhaps.... The new season begins 9-17. The DVD release of Season 1 came out 9-8.

All fans are asked to please share any media references to "Fringe," "The Good Wife," and the comic book collection: articles, publicity, reviews, interviews, etc. Send all materials to SG's postal- or e- mail addresses below.


Please send SG your photos and reports from the 8-14/16 DS Festival convention in Elizabeth (Newark), NJ. You can send hard copy photographs or send images as jpegs at high resolution. Every picture captures a unique moment and each person has an individual experience. In this way, fans who cannot be there with us can share in the weekend fun. Please also send – at any time – articles, reviews, publicity, or other material you may find about the new DS film, the DS personnel, and DS-related news. Use the SG addresses below.

You will be named as Contributors in upcoming print issues. You also may receive a complimentary Contributor' s Copy for major contributions of information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, publicity, assistance, etc.

**** Subscription information for the ShadowGram Newsletter print issues follows. When your order arrives, I will mail you the new SG #115-#116 Double Issue newsletter to begin / renew your subscription. Subsequent issues will be sent to you and all postal-mail subscribers as they are published.

Thank you.

Marcy Robin
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E-mail: ShadowGram@aol. com
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Official ShadowGram Website:

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SHADOWGRAM (SG) is the *Official* "Dark Shadows" Newsletter. Much of its news is provided by the show's personnel and those involved in the 1966-71 TV series, 1991 TV series, and 2004 WB pilot. Established 30+ years ago in April, 1979, SG works directly with individuals, companies, and others involved in DS' creation, distribution, promotion, merchandise, etc.

Regular SG print issues are published throughout the year. Free bonus complimentary breaking-news published updates can be sent as needed at any time to all current paid postal-mail subscribers.

Brief Update bulletins are posted through the ShadowGram Online "Dark Shadows" News Updates Yahoo Group.

NOTE: The e-mail Updates are * NOT * the actual Official DS Newsletter. The Official DS Newsletters are the published SG print issues that expand and explain each short online post I make to this List . Each postal-mail edition, available by paid subscription, features specific detailed information, exclusive and rare photos, media coverage, and much more than these brief Updates.

SG postal-mail print issues are immediately available and SG #114 will be sent to you immediately to begin your subscription.

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Marcy Robin
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For more information on the newsletter, please write with a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) to the above postal-address or e-mail: ShadowGram@aol. com

Thank you.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thoughts to come....

I just got the last box set of SPEED RACER, (original series from the 1960's) on DVD and will be watching the complete series of 52 episodes. I will review the box sets and give my thoughts, not that my thoughts are of any inportants to anyone that watches the show, but I will give them anyway.

I will also be watching the last show of season one of BBC's BEING HUMAN and again I will give thoughts of this VAMPIRE,GHOST AND WEREWOLF program.

Stay TUNED....


Season 1
Episode 6

Mitchell is in the hospital following an almost-fatal attack on his doorstep. Mitchell does not want his friends involved in the inevitable showdown with his lethal attackers, but Annie bravely decides that she cannot just stand by without doing anything. But George is faced with a huge dilemma. Should he try to help Mitchell, or should he flee and try to start a normal life with his girlfriend? This is the season finale.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Weekend is upon us......I can smell it

Looking forward to this weekend. I plan to hang out at the SHADYSIDE WALNUT STREET ART FESTIVAL, My last box set of the ORIGINAL SPEED RACER cartoon series is expected to arrive according to with one of my favorite episodes RACE AROUND THE WORLD.
have not seen this one since it originally aired in the 1960's. (DATING myself).....And the SEASON FINALE OF BBC'S BEING HUMAN also airs.... I hope it is a GREAT WEEKEND....TWO MORE WORK DAYS and BANG IT IS HERE!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The following is a travel log to the DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL by my good friend Dr. Jeff Thompson...Read On....

Hello! How are you doing? Last week (August 12-17), I was in the New York/New Jersey area for some sightseeing and for the Dark Shadows Festival fan convention (, which I emceed. My trip was extremely enjoyable.
I stayed at the convention hotel, the ten-story Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel, and enjoyed the indoor pool and the restaurant. My room (820) had a flat-screen high-definition television with HBO, so I got to see an episode of HBO's popular vampire drama True Blood for the first time.
On Thursday, August 13, I spent twelve hours in New York City. To reach Manhattan from Newark (actually Elizabeth, New Jersey), I had to ride the hotel shuttle back to the Newark airport, take the airport monorail to the New Jersey Transit train station, and ride the train to Pennsylvania Station beneath Madison Square Garden in New York City.
I hadn't been to New York in 15 years, so I was thrilled to see everything again. In my more than one dozen previous trips to New York, I had toured numerous attractions, museums, buildings, stores, and theatres, so this time, I was content just to wander around Times Square and take in the sights. Times Square is more dazzling than ever. Enormous billboards, illuminated signs, and video screens stretch across whole sides of buildings, and huge ads for Broadway shows (Mary Poppins), movies (GI Joe), and TV shows (The Good Wife) are everywhere. Taxicabs, cars, and buses whiz by, but in the center of Times Square, near the George M. Cohan statue, there is an area for foot traffic only.
At lunchtime, I made my way to Ollie's Sichuan Restaurant (411 West 42nd Street), a fine place that my friend Jeffrey had recommended to me. The shrimp with lobster sauce was delicious and reasonably priced.
I spent three hours taking a very relaxing yet thrilling ride around Manhattan on the open-air top of a City Sights NY double-decker bus ( City Sights NY specializes in "hop on, hop off sightseeing": tourists may get off the bus at any stop and then catch the next City Sights bus that soon comes along. My tour guide, Lorna, was excellent as she doled out information, history, humor, and even rain ponchos to her passengers. The light rain didn't last very long.
I took the Downtown Tour, which afforded me dozens of photo opportunities as it presented me with many new sights and just as many happy memories of past trips. I can't begin to name every landmark that I saw--the Pratt Institute, Village Vanguard jazz club, Manhattan Bridge, Flatiron Building, golden bull statue, New York Times building, Waldorf Astoria hotel--but the double-decker bus's stops included ones at the Theatre District, Carnegie Hall, Times Square, Empire State Building, Ladies' Mile, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy, Battery Park, South Street Seaport, East Village, United Nations, and Rockefeller Center. Lorna pointed out certain buildings that had been seen on Law and Order, and she mentioned that the Woolworth Building had been in Ghostbusters and Enchanted and on Ugly Betty. (It also is mentioned in Langston Hughes's poetry.) My three-hour tour was a marvelous way to spend time in New York and to enjoy the many locales.
Later, I walked through the Hotel Pennsylvania, Macy's, and several other stores, and I shopped for 2010 calendars at Borders at Madison Square Garden. Around suppertime, I met my Long Island friend Ira at Penn Station, and we walked to Ben's Kosher Delicatessen (209 West 38th Street; for a delicious steak dinner. Ira told me that he had seen one copy of my McFarland book The Television Horrors of Dan Curtis at a Barnes and Noble bookstore on Long Island. Ira and I enjoyed catching up with each other. I missed seeing Ira's wife Wendy, who couldn't make the trip.
After dinner, Ira and I walked to Mid-Town Comics (200 West 40th Street;, a two-story emporium of comic books, graphic novels, action figures, super-hero statuettes, books, DVDs, and much more. I found a 2010 calendar that I hadn't seen anywhere else (Sci-Fi Comics: Art from the DC Comics Archives). Later, Ira and I walked around the brightly lighted Times Square, now even much more crowded with people than it had been during the day. Finally, we walked back to Penn Station and said good-bye.
The Dark Shadows Resurrected Weekend--the 27th annual Dark Shadows Festival--was held at the Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel on August 14-15-16. More than 1400 fans of all ages attended the convention and welcomed six Dark Shadows stars--Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins), John Karlen (Willie), Jerry Lacy (Trask), Lara Parker (Angelique), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie), and Marie Wallace (Eve). Lara Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott brought their husbands with them, and Jonathan Frid traveled down from Canada with more than a dozen of his friends and relatives, including his niece and his great-nephew. Jerry Lacy was accompanied by his wife Julia Duffy of The Doctors and Newhart, and they very kindly made a special point to greet a nine-year-old fan who knew them best from the Nickelodeon TV series Drake and Josh. Even more than usual, the Dark Shadows Festival was a family affair, for several of my fan-friends from the 1980s and 1990s were there with their young children.
Again this year, I saw many long-time friends and pen pals, and I made several new friends. I didn't have too much time to socialize, however, because I was busy emceeing the Festival in the ballroom and running over to the dealers' room where I was selling and signing copies of my book The Television Horrors of Dan Curtis: Dark Shadows, The Night Stalker, and Other Productions, 1966-2006 (McFarland, 2009; foreword by Festival chairman Jim Pierson). I brought 45 copies of my book, and I sold all of them! I had sold all but three of them even before I gave my Saturday-afternoon talk about the book! Many other fans wanted to buy the book after it had sold out, so I urged them to acquire the book through or
I thoroughly enjoyed my role as Festival host and was delighted that quite a few fans complimented my efforts. To me, hosting a Dark Shadows Festival and teaching a class are similar because in both settings, I must capture and hold the audience's attention; impart information, instruction, entertainment, and human interest; and keep things moving. I enjoyed emceeing quite a few of the Dark Shadows Festivals back in the 1980s.
Some of the highlights of this year's convention were the DS Recollections panels, at which groups of Dark Shadows stars spoke, commented on clips from the 1966-1971 TV show, and answered questions from the audience. There also were talks by authors Frank Borzellieri (The Physics of Dark Shadows), Brian Kellow (The Bennetts: An Acting Family), and Marcy Robin (Shadowgram; Festival chairman Jim Pierson treated the fans to Joan Bennett on Love, American Style and The Governor and J.J.; Kate Jackson on Password; John Karlen in Night of Terror; and two showings of the never-aired 2004 WB pilot for a new Dark Shadows series that never came to be. Of course, there was also much talk about the planned Dark Shadows theatrical movie written by John August, directed by Tim Burton, and starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. On Saturday night, fans watched the MGM films House of Dark Shadows (1970) and Night of Dark Shadows (1971) on the big screen above the stage in the ballroom.
In the dealers' room, many of the stars had their own autograph/merchandise tables, MPI Home Video (; was selling the latest Dark Shadows and Dan Curtis DVDs, Big Finish Productions (; debuted two new CD audio dramas (Echoes of Insanity and Curse of the Pharaoh) featuring the original stars of Dark Shadows, and other dealers sold books, TV Guides, fanzines, movie posters, and countless Dark Shadows collectibles. My old friend Lawrence, whom I hadn't seen in years, had his table of rare Dark Shadows photographs next to the table where my 45 Television Horrors books were displayed, and he kindly sold them for me when I couldn't be in the dealers' room.
More Dark Shadows items were up for grabs at the two charity auctions. Jonathan Frid donated some of his photographs, scrapbooks, and legal contracts and documents concerning Dark Shadows to be auctioned off, and there were numerous scripts and documents from Dan Curtis Productions up for auction. Dan Curtis's personal director's clapboard from the 1991 remake of Dark Shadows sold for $500.00!
In 1984, Dr. Laura Brodian Freas and I co-founded the Collinsport Players, and this year, the troupe celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Players performed Peter Mac's musical play Bewitched Shadows, which featured characters from both Dark Shadows and Bewitched and which guest-starred Lara Parker herself as Angelique. Marcy Robin's Costume Gala featured two dozen fans of all ages dressing up, singing, dancing, and acting out short skits. I got into the act because my friend Charles dressed as Johnny Carson's psychic-medium character Carnac the Magnificent and he needed an "Ed McMahon" to hand him the sealed envelopes. My friend Jenny, who started acting in the Collinsport Players' skits when she was a young teenager, now entered her two-year-old daughter in the costume parade. The little girl was dressed as Sarah Collins, the character whom Jenny herself had portrayed in some of my plays years ago.
On Saturday afternoon, August 17, I gave a talk about my McFarland book The Television Horrors of Dan Curtis. I discussed how I came to write the book, and I revealed that I had spent this summer writing a second book, House of Dan Curtis: The Television Mysteries of the Dark Shadows Auteur. Then, I showed a montage of scenes from all 17 of Dan Curtis's horror productions that are featured in my Television Horrors book. The audience applauded as the name of each Dan Curtis production--Trilogy of Terror, Burnt Offerings, Curse of the Black Widow, et al.--flashed across the big screen.
On Sunday afternoon, August 16, the Dark Shadows Festival climaxed with Jonathan Frid on Stage, the 84-year-old star's presentation of dramatic readings. Jonathan Frid read aloud Jack Finney's great time-travel story "The Third Level," as well as poems by Percy Shelley, Walter de la Mare, and Robert Frost. Later, the fans and the stars enjoyed the closing banquet together. I sat at Kathryn Leigh Scott's table and chatted with Kathryn, her husband Jeff, their friend Anthony, and the six other fans. Kathryn remarked that this had been "an especially good Festival," and the rest of us shared her sentiment.
I flew back to Nashville on Monday, August 17, and began catching up on letters, e-mails, newspapers, TV programs, and more. I returned to work at Tennessee State University for the fall semester on Thursday, August 20, my parents' 55th wedding anniversary. Classes at TSU will begin on Monday, August 31. I hope that your work is going well and that you are looking forward to a pleasant autumn. Halloween will be here before we know it! I hope to see you on my doorstep on Halloween night--and until then, keep in touch!
Dr. Jeff Thompson


Barnabas Collins

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I thought the weekend would NEVER get here...NOT that I hate the weekdays..but I just HATE WORK..I think everyone has this HATE....Well, except those poor fools who
make tons and tons of MONEY...They just LOVE working...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am soooooooooooooooooooo TIRED of turning on the TV or powering up the INTERNET and hearing or seeing CRAP about THIS FREAK.... Yes He did so pretty good music..... Let the CRAZY BOY REST.....Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image

Did YA HEAR????? DA PIRATES........

DA PIRATES..DA PITTSBURGH PIRATES WON LAST NIGHT! The won over the ROCKIES 7 to 3....How did they do that????

I took this photo of the statue of Roberto Clemente outside of PNC park yesterday.




This FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th, 2009 is the DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL in New Jersey. I wish I could attend, I have not attended since 2004. Even though the last two conventions I attended for the series I really was more annoyed with everything than having FUN. There are two MAJOR DARK SHADOWS things I really want to see.....the PILOT to the 2004 WB DARK SHADOWS series that was proposed by the WB network and NOT picked up and the CUT footage from NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS. Both have been previewed at the DS CON in recent years. Perhaps these might surface on DVD.Go to fullsize image

Sunday, August 9, 2009

well, lets see....


Well it is 10:24AM this HOT Sunday morning, guess I'll go take a walk in a little bit and hit Pollocks Bar here in Bloomfield, PA.
go get a few COLD IRONCITY BEERS and see who might be around.

CABLE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Why do I have CABLE, or buy DVD's?

I am so tired of seeing the same CRAP over and over again! CABLE RUNS the SAME FUCKING THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN... How many times can I watch DIE HARD(S),SCARY MOVIE(S),HOME ALONE(S), and how many LAW AND ORDERS do we NEED? or CSI's? (CSI HELL and CSI HEAVEN coming soon?) Oh, my fucking GOD! And SCI FI Channel or (the gay version SYFY) can the CRAM any more commercials in a half hour program? And STAR WARS.........AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Every DAMN weekend is a STAR WARS weekend it seems! (Sorry the last three STAR WARS BLEW CHUNKS!)
TV LAND started out fine, but come on ANDY GRIFFITH, BEVERLY HILLBILLIES ,GUNSMOKE, BONANZA....Yes I enjoy these shows but DAMN....Now TV LAND is getting into the REALITY SHIT! I HATE REALITY SHIT....KATE AND DUFUS AND THE LITTLE NUT JOBS....or TV LANDS new Reality ... with Joan Rivers HOW'D YOU GET SO RICH....Isn't she DEAD yet? Alright, I'll step down from my soap box... one more thought..... This month count how many times SCARY MOVIE runs on any channel.... if you missed it this film is on NOW ....COMEDY CENTRAL....try DIE HARD>


Since I am up I started the coffee ( early, decided to have breakfast (Eggs with cheese and Sauage) and start laundry ( (SCIFI) what the FUCK did they change the spelling to this sissy spelling? Anyway you can always count on watching early in the AM, TWILIGHT ZONE.

Can't Sleep!

It is around 4:30AM Sunday August 9th,2009 and I cannot sleep. It is raining here in Pittsburgh, PA. Kind of slowing down now but it was pretty heavy for awhile. Maybe this woke me. I just set up some coffee timed to start pouring when I nornally get up around 6 or 7AM. I might try and go back to sleep. This photo of PNC PARK I took on a raining day this past May. (PNC PARK - Home of the GREAT Pittsburgh Pirates.......Nuff Said there... Good nite Irene....................

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Can a VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF and GHOST live together in a ENGLAND FLAT and get along?


Lenora Crichlow plays Annie in BEING HUMAN....I think she is hot.....


If you have not seen this progam yet please check it out. Being Human ia ANOTHER VAMPIRE program...Currently VAMPIRES are all the rage. And I am happy about this...however, it can get to be overkill soon if it does NOT slow down or fade away slowly. But BEING HUMAN on BBC America caught my fancy.

Being Human, a BBC AMERICA co-production, is a witty and extraordinary look into the lives of three twenty-somethings and their secret double-lives - as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. They struggle to live normal lives, despite their strange and dark secrets.

Of course being A DARK SHADOWS FAN since the original DARK SHADOWS series aired back in 1966, (yes I am OLD) I follow horror type things.

Follow the link and check out the website for BEING HUMAN. Here in Pittsburgh, PA (BLOOMFIELD) I get BBC channel on COMCAST CABLE #114 (check your local listings) Every Saturday since July 29,2009, BEING HUMAN airs a NEW episode at 9PM. Currently two have shown. If you missed them COMCAST has them FREE on DEMAND for a limited time. Although BBC AMERICA runs the series over again like all cable and regular stations do.


A Welcome from Dan

This Saturday, August 8th, 2009 begins the writings of a madman. I am Ironcitydan. Plans for the blog site have been in the making for a long time.This is to share with others ideas, thoughts, photos, art, stories, and just plain anything. From time to time I will link you to a website for hopefully your enjoyment. So let this journey the words of CAPTAIN PICARD "MAKE IT SO!"