Saturday, June 30, 2012


Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed Selina Kyle in 1992's "Batman Return
1960's BATMAN Eartha Kitt as CATWOMEN
1960's BATMAN Julie Newmar as CATWOMEN  
1960's BATMAN  Lee Mariwether as CATWOMEN
2004 Halle Barry in CATWOMEN

Some BATMAN (1966 and NOW)

Publicity shot of ADAM WEST as BATMAN 1966

Fan made DKR poster
Behind the scenes on TV's BATMAN 1966

Behind the scenes on TV's BATMAN 1966
I am a BATMAN FAN or BATFAN.....I REALLY enjoy all things BATMAN, (however I really did NOT care for BATMAN BEGINS (2005) found it boring, (MY OPIN) AND I KNOW MOST PEOPLE say that the 1966 BATMAN was tooo CAMPY, but I grew up with that BATMAN and still watch it today on HUB TV and ME TV when I can.... Here is some BATMAN (1966) photos to enjoy!  AND photos from THE DARK NIGHT RISES the release of the NEW BATMAN Movie some of it FILMED here in PITTSBURGH, PA I MIGHT ADD...IN THEATERS JULY 20,2012!
Top pix: Me at HIGHLAND PARK, (PITTSBURGH, PA) photo by Joe Bondi And bottom pix: Me and MY LADY THE LAB, (Mary Jane Conte's PUPPEE and my best friends) photo by MJC.
It has been awhile since I have posted on my IRONCITY DAN RANTS blog....As I always say-" LIFE GET'S IN THE WAY!"  I do however FB (FACEBOOK) so follow me on there for more. or . Yes I have two FB accounts, why you may ask? OR NOT? Well I will tell you! I was DRUNK and forgot my DAMN password....but have FIXED that! I was thinking about getting rid of one account but too much effort to do so...LOL! (LAZY ME!) I will try and post as often as I can when I am NOT too BUSY......OK LAZY! Till the NEXT POST.....

Friday, February 10, 2012

LAREDO tv western from the 1960's

LAREDO opening 

DeForest Kelly as Dr. Ingram

DeForest Kelly as BONES in STAR TREK
Just watched an episode of LAREDO called THE SOUND OF TERROR from the FIRST season episode #28 which aired on APRIL 7, 1966, DEFOREST KELLY of STAR TREK FAME (played Dr. McCOY in the ORIGINAL STAR TREK series) was in this LAREDO, what I found funny was he PLAYED DOCTOR DAVID INGRAM..... FUNNY!!!!!